Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What's in a Notebook?

What I need to see FOR THE 100 POINTS is all the notes from MP 4. If you have good, complete, neat handwritten notes, which follow the guidelines we've discussed, hand 'em over.

We have talked before about the study benefits of re-writing notes - you READ them more carefully and you SEE them again as you write them, (AND you end up with more readable, neat notes in the proper format!)
Additional benefits of typing (digitizing) the notes:

  • Ability to add screenshots to embellish the material

  • Ability to use formatting to embellish the material

  • See the example below:

You are not required to re-write or digitize your notes, it is mentioned as an option which may offer multiple benefits.

BUT, if you do either of these things, it must be done by you and only you.
Notebook Collection: Tuesday: June 13th
Notebook Return: Wednesday: 
June 14th

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