Monday, June 5, 2017

Database Concepts

Database Concepts

FileMakerPro is the database management software (DBM) we use.  FMP has windows and Macintosh versions which are identical.

       We have discussed word processors, number processors (spreadsheets) and now will study information processors (databases).


Defining the Structure - most database management software requires formatting of information.  That is, following some pre-defined process for entering information.

Parts of a Database

       Some definitions:

       File - a collection of records.

       Record - a collection of fields.

       Field -        a single data item or piece of information.

[1] FMP offers NO save option in the file menu.  Saving happens automatically as you enter the data. To create back-ups or save to alternate locations (floppy disk, server, etc.) you must choose
Save a Copy As . . .

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