Friday, June 16, 2017

How Could This Happen?

Did you recently get a grade on the 84 point, Flat Classroom Activities Project of BELOW 45?

If so, you DID NOT do a reflective blog post as mentioned here:

Do it now - send me a link when it is posted.

AND, don't let any other final projects slip through the cracks!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

20% Time Final

The Final Presentation - TED Style

Occurred (mostly!): Thursday - June 15th!

It's my fault on the one's that didn't.

Sebastian & Jake will finish up in class.

If you have anything else I should see before finalizing a grade (products, partial products, photographs, documentation, presentations) please share them with me by 11:33am on Friday, June 16th.


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hitting the Beach!!

As previously suggested:
All assignments should be completed by Friday, June 16th @ 2:25pm. Monday, June 19th should be looked at as a last chance, emergency make-up day.

If you are making use of the last chance, emergency make-up day - it ends at 1:22PM!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

TED-Style Talks for 20% Time

The Final Presentation - TED Style

Scheduled: Thursday - June 15th!

At the end of the year, each individual/(team) will give a 4 - 6 minute presentation to students, teachers, and community members where they will show off their work. 

Individuals: 4 Minutes.

Teams of 2: 5 Minutes.
Teams of 3: 6 Minutes.

This will be carefully written, choreographed, and rehearsed to produce the best presentation they’ve ever given. These TED-style presentations will be delivered and recorded in the Media Center Theater. Here is a two minute video of highlights from another school’s presentations.  

And one of ours from last year:

The Magazine Project Series

1960 Bazaar Magazine Cover

Image by danagraves via Flickr
Headphones in Room 110!!

Magazine Cover Video Demos:
5 Minutes, 32 seconds - well spent!




Report any issues with these videos!

Exams, End of School Year & Other Stray Thoughts

FYI: In case it has not been mentioned, for Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: Ms Sargent & I ignore the school exam schedule and have regular 85 minute classes each period. (except as noted below and on the posted schedule)

Thursday: Both classes report to the Media Center @11:33am for 20% Time TED Talks. Times will be limited strictly to the times identified on the blog:

Thursday: No lunch lab - I have to prep for TED!
Friday: Lunch lab.

For Friday: As with the midterm, Ms Sargent's Exam will be administered in Room 110 & Room 139 simultaneously. She says it should take about 1 hour.  After everyone is done with the exam, we will split the remaining time: 

Split something like:

  • Period 3: 12:30pm - 1:25pm
  • Period 4:   1:27pm - 2:25pm

Friday, June 9, 2017

PDF Info

What's a PDF?
Deutsch: Logo des Adobe Portable Document Format
Image via Wikipedia

View PDF Demo:


Please report any problems viewing this video.

Internet Awesome?!?!

This a new campaign from Google to help keep kids safe! I'd be very interested to know what you folks think of this program.

Please comment to this blog post!

Headphones please in Room 110.


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Fair Warning

I am probably going to steal some 20% time from you this Friday. 

BUT, I will pay you back next week, as you are preparing for the TED Talks on Thursday. 

As a preliminary pay back, No 20% blog will be needed this week - just a final blog about your project.

I don't know know if your generation caught any of the cartoon, Popeye, but there was a character on there (Wimpy) who always said, "I'd gladly pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today."

Like this: 

Digital Portfolio Assistance

Headphones please in Room 110!


Check this blog entry for a look at our first 'shell' discussion:

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Free Alternatives to Photoshop

google picasa web
Image by Colin ZHU via Flickr
Check out these free alternatives to Photoshop:

Six Revisions Blog

12 Best Free or Open-Source Photoshop Alternatives

5 totally free photoshop alternatives

Google Picasa (Mac)

Google Picasa (Windows 7)

While the previous 2 may still work, if you're able to acquire them, Google has retired Picasa in favor of:

Google Photos

Filemaker Pro Info

Use FMP 8.5 for Assignment 4.13!

Use filename: SimpleContact.fp8 ONLY. Ignore the other confusing information referenced on the assignment sheet.

Sorry for any confusion.

Quick Dreamweaver Info

Headphones please in Room 110!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

FCGP Final Video Update

I have FINALLY verified  27283031323335363738, 39, 40!! (out of 40, expected) student videos. Thanks! 

What's in a Notebook?

What I need to see FOR THE 100 POINTS is all the notes from MP 4. If you have good, complete, neat handwritten notes, which follow the guidelines we've discussed, hand 'em over.

We have talked before about the study benefits of re-writing notes - you READ them more carefully and you SEE them again as you write them, (AND you end up with more readable, neat notes in the proper format!)
Additional benefits of typing (digitizing) the notes:

  • Ability to add screenshots to embellish the material

  • Ability to use formatting to embellish the material

  • See the example below:

You are not required to re-write or digitize your notes, it is mentioned as an option which may offer multiple benefits.

BUT, if you do either of these things, it must be done by you and only you.
Notebook Collection: Tuesday: June 13th
Notebook Return: Wednesday: 
June 14th

Monday, June 5, 2017

FilemakerPro: Define Fields & Enter Data

Headphones please in Room 110!

Database Concepts

Database Concepts

FileMakerPro is the database management software (DBM) we use.  FMP has windows and Macintosh versions which are identical.

       We have discussed word processors, number processors (spreadsheets) and now will study information processors (databases).


Defining the Structure - most database management software requires formatting of information.  That is, following some pre-defined process for entering information.

Parts of a Database

       Some definitions:

       File - a collection of records.

       Record - a collection of fields.

       Field -        a single data item or piece of information.

[1] FMP offers NO save option in the file menu.  Saving happens automatically as you enter the data. To create back-ups or save to alternate locations (floppy disk, server, etc.) you must choose
Save a Copy As . . .