Saturday, April 29, 2017

An Award Winning FCGP Video

This is the first-prize winning video from the previous global project. It happens to have been created by an AAHS Student you may know!

This is also NOT an example of a perfect video. It does have many positive features that we can discuss in class.

Check it out!

Another Example:

Find more videos like this on Flat Connections Global Project

Friday, April 28, 2017

FCGP Video Template

To be included at the end of your final video:

Just Something I found Interesting

I'm not endorsing this game or suggesting that it is worth your $2.

I heard the creator on a podcast I listen to:

The game combines a challenging game with a chance to learn about conflicts in the Middle East.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

FCGP Video Reference Site

For an idea of what sorts of videos have been produced in the past, check out this list:
FCGP Master List of Videos

NOTE: There are great videos on this list. There are terrible videos on this list.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

FCGP Deadlines

FYI: I just noticed these deadlines, posted in the teacher group:

If you have not yet requested/received/delivered an Outsourced Video, DO IT NOW!

May 12th is not a hard deadline, but it is good to aim for! We have to wrap up FCGP work as some schools will be ending their school year WAY before us. Also, the international judges have limited time to view all the videos and will need to begin reviewing videos on May 12th. Try to get your posted by then!

How is My FCGP Video Evaluated?

This will be helpful in planning and preparing your personal video.

Friday, April 21, 2017

A Little Help, Please!

Several times during the course teacher made videos have been posted to offer assistance on a topic and recently, a whole section of instruction on the use of tables in Word was presented via video downloaded from a website. One of the amazing aspects of this activity was that NOT ONE STUDENT reacted to/commented on this mode of instruction in any way!

"Hey, Mr M, that was cool!!"

"Can you believe that guy, not even teaching us something in class before expecting us to use it on assignments??"

"There was a video??" 
(Actually, I think I heard that one!)

"The video was amazing - how do you do that?"

"This class is bad, and that video was a real piece of ..."


PLEASE use a blog entry to give me some feedback on your take on the experience. Positive, negative and everything in between. Offer suggestions for improvement; should it be done again, should it be done regularly? Would you like to see that done in other classes? 

Please post by Thursday, April 27 @ 10:00PM.

Hour of Code - Let's Do It!

Spend (at leastthe first hour coding, then do the other work you need to do!

Pick anything on the page that interests you!
(Or, pick one of the Scratch Activities below to get started on something we will learn more about)
(Instructions are on the right - workspace is on the left)

How many lines did you code? 
(Comment here, when you're done!)
Here are three activities for using Scratch in this year’s Hour of Code™!
Hide-and-Seek Game

Create your own hide-and-seek game with characters from Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears.
Animate Your Name

Make the letters of your name come to life by adding motion, sounds, and music.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Code an interactive dance scene, combining music and dance moves.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Printing Powerpoint Handouts

A quick demo on printing 6-per-page handouts.

Headphones please in Room 110!

New Info on FCGP Keynote


Part 2 – Connecting and Getting Started (25 Points) DEADLINE: March 30th, 2017

 □  Begin editing YOUR SECTION of the page, particularly the introduction.  You will have an effective edit when you have at least 100 words. (10 Points)
      No need to wait for others to begin - jump in and start editing.
   Leave a comment on the wiki about what you’ve done. (5 Points)
   (NOW Available!) Read about the Keynote. Read the related links and blog posts. Post reactions to the Keynote on the Flipgrid page.  Keynote Blog Post (10 Points) Complete by April 25th.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

I Wonder . . .

How are these people going to include the original proposal in their Midterm Exam Submittal??


Paperless Assignment Update

Assignment 3.11: Place a digital copy in your Word Jobs folder and submit a printed copy by 2:25pm on 
Friday, April 7.

Assignment 3.14: Place a digital copy in your Word Jobs folder by 2:25pm on Friday April 7.

Presentation Guidelines

Logo for Thisisborin9, self-made with Microsof...
Image via Wikipedia

As you prepare your occupation presentation, take a look at these guidelines. Some are specific to PowerPoint type presentations, but many are general presentation guidelines that would be applicable to all sorts of presentations.

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Telling a Story: Storyboarding

Good movies tell a story. It doesn't matter if it's a 122 second movie made by you or a 90 minute blockbuster you see on the big screen.

The clip below is from some very well know story tellers talking about the concept of storyboarding a movie (Toy Story):

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Midterm Project Final Reminders/Details

Both paper and digital versions of the final products must be submitted. On your Thawspace, create a new folder called: Midterm Project.  Save all files, including your proposal document, with appropriate file names in this folder. Be sure to refer to the rubric as you complete the project.

Handing in the paper version: If you have a spare pocket folder in your binder:
Use that to organize your proposal version(s), products and reflection document. If you can't find some kind of folder, you can make one, like we used for the pamphlet.

Note: The Reflection is the most important part of the project (40 points); follow the rubric closely to earn the most points.  Create a variation of your letterhead to use on the Proposal document and the Reflection document. Use standard assignment formatting guidelines.

Midterm Project Due: Friday, April 7. 2:25 PM.

The FCGP Video Specifications

What do I need to know about making a video for the Flat Classroom Project?
Start Here

What is an Outsourced Video?