Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What Should I be Doing Now for My Part in the FCGP??

Flat Connections Global Project Checklist
This is a checklist NOT a how to – how-to instructions are on our help wiki – http://flatconnections-help.wikispaces.com/Flat+Classroom®+Project+Guidelines

Part 1 – Getting Started (25 Points) (Should be DONE!) DEADLINE: March 20th, 2017

   Verify access to the wiki, the ning, the AAHS FCGP-17-1 group and the FCGP 17-1 Project Group on the ning as outlined on The Mr M Blog. Joining the ning and groupsJoining the wiki.
 □ Find your team members on the TeamGrid. Find ways to connect with them on the ning and elsewhere.
   Find out more about your topic from the wiki home page.
     Post a handshake blog post audio or video 'hello' (handshake) for your partners and other FCGP participants on your ning. (10 points)
 □  Link from the team section to your Ning profile. (5 Points)
  Leave a message on the google doc for your partners about what you’ve done today and any comments on things you think your group should consider.

Part 2 – Connecting and Getting Started (25 Points) DEADLINE: March 30th, 2017

 □  Begin editing YOUR SECTION of the page, particularly the introduction.  You will have an effective edit when you have at least 100 words. (10 Points)
      No need to wait for others to begin - jump in and start editing.
   Leave a comment on the wiki about what you’ve done. (5 Points)
   (NOT Available YET!) Read about the Keynote. View the video components. Post reactions to the Keynote Video to the Ning video page. (10 Points)

Part 3 – Set up your personal Learning Network (PLN) (15 Points) DEADLINE: April 3rd, 2017

   We have talked about  IFTTT,  Netvibes, MyYahoo, Digg Reader & Feedly as ways follow RSS feeds. Begin using your choice so you can track everything happening on your project.  (10 Points)

If you use IFTTT to track changes, you may not be using a 'reader'. In that case, you may replace 'reader' in the steps below with "IFTTT Recipe"
   Add Wiki edits for your main wiki page
   Add edits for your Google Docs page - use this to collaborate with your teammates
   Add discussions for your main wiki page to your reader
   Add All Team member’s blogs to your reader.
   Add Mr. McLaughlin’s Ning blog to your reader.
   Add a Google News Search on your topic to your reader.
   Put a hyperlink widget with links to the Ning (http://flatconnectionsglobalproject.net) , Wiki (http://flatconnections17-1.wikispaces.com) , and help wiki (http://flatconnections-help.wikispaces.com)

Monday, March 27, 2017

Having Trouble Finding Legal Pictures?

Somehow, you missed this blog post:

Creative Commons Pictures That Are OK to Use!

Here are the first 5 categories -  all legal to use with a total of OVER 300 Million photos!!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Pamphlet Design Wiki

Here is a link to a wiki that reviews many of the pamphlet design issues we mentioned in class:

Pamphlet Design Wiki

Can you add anything?


Here is one thing mentioned on the wiki. It is a phrase (or an equation) that I end up writing on half of the pamphlets I grade!

Equation for success:

Smaller text + more room for pictures = Better Balance

Pamphlet Finish Line

Is rapidly approaching!

A couple of details I wanted to get into black & white (and RED):

  • A text box with name, date, section & assignment # MUST not be included in your final version.
  • Dotted Lines MUST not be included in your final version.
  • References MAY be included on the pamphlet (Panel 6, usually), IF you have room to properly format them in the panel.
    • OTHERWISE, submit a separate, properly formatted  document with APA References.
  • The 'OFFENDING COMMAND' error is produced when you have a picture that the printer cannot handle. The picture must be replaced. If you have 1 picture that is not printing - that's the one! Otherwise, it could be the first picture on a page or one of the pictures that is not printing.
    • I will discuss some possible fixes with those still experiencing issues.
  • Lab will be open at lunch on Monday from 10:29am - 11:10am
  • Monday's after school lab will stay open until 3:30ish.
Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Here are the first customers eligible to LOSE points as per this post:



Web: Next Steps - CSS!

CSS = Cascading Style Sheet

CSS provides some cool ways to format web pages

Get through all the components of this tutorial by 
Wednesday, April 5:

We will be revisiting the web project and improving it using HTML with CSS!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Picture Citation Demo

Use this video as a reference for how to cite pictures in the pamphlet (and other projects). Please use headphones in Room 110!