Thursday, May 25, 2017

FCGP Video Update

I have verified  27283031323335363738, 39 (out of 40, expected) student videos. Thanks! 1 to go!! KristenR_AAHS - Waiting on YOU!

The good news is that the wiki has NOT YET been locked down and videos posted soon WILL still be viewed by judges!

Wireless Controller, Reminders and More Info About the Alt-Med Presentations

The two images above show (1) the hand-held remote and (2) the USB transmitter which will (MAY) be used for the presentations on Wednesday (5/31). The transmitter goes in the USB port and the remote is used by the presenter to advance slides. Larger versions are available by clicking on the images. This device should NOT be used unless you have tested it out beforehand!!

The laptop, projector, speakers that will be used and the remote setup will be available for testing starting on Tuesday during lunch and class.

Reminder: Begin to incorporate speaker notes IN your presentation file! (Each team member should do this). Keep revisiting the rubric as you are finalizing your presentation.

Things to do on Thursday

  1. Work with your Alt-Med team to compile the Initial Slide Storyboard to be submitted Friday morning.
    1. Initial Slide Storyboard minimum requirements:
      1. Title slide with all pertinent info:
        1. Section
        2. Group #
        3. Topic & Topic #
        4. Full names of group members
      2. Titles on all remaining slides to show the flow of information planned for the presentation.
  2. A Heads Up: Important excerpt from the final version of the Alt-Med assignment: 
    1. Combine and annotate.  Each group member has had the responsibility to create individual slides.  These must be combined into one, seamless PowerPoint presentation.  Each researcher must complete the notes section which accompanies their slides.  As many slides as necessary, at the end of the presentation, should be used to cite sources.  Make sure the citation slides are as readable as all the others. 
    2. Some presentation packages have a Notes Section built-in, some do not. If the package you are preparing to use does not have a Notes Section, you do not have to abandon that package; you just need to create a reasonable approximation of a Notes Section to submit with your presentation.
  3. Practice, plan & prepare with your Alt-Med team to have a great presentation for Wednesday. Presentations should be planned for 10 minutes. Get everyone involved and think about all we've said about great presentations! How good your presentation is will depend heavily on your team planning. Use the rubric to evaluate/improve your presentation.
  4. Work on constructing your DB_Reading Document.
  5. Complete Assignment 4.10+.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

20% Time Blog??

Sound Familiar?

The Blog

Each week every member of every team is required to write at least one public blog post (Blogger) where students discuss their progress. They write about what happened over the past week, what they learned, what challenges they faced, and what they anticipate in the future. Each blog post must be at least 150 words written in Standard American English and contain a related image that is posted without infringing on anyone's copyright. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

FCGP - Student Reflection Instructions

My Directions for your reflective blog post are on the ning:
I'd like to get these posted by the end of the school day on Friday, May 26th, but they must be posted by midnight on Wednesday, May 31st. Thanks.

Updated Link:
AAHS Student Reflective Blog Post

My Entry In the Macro Eyeball Shot Club
Image by Mick 0 via Flickr

Friday, May 19, 2017

More Help for Our Friends from Down Under

Requester Name: Bridiem_hpc
Team: 6A
Request: i would like someone to show an old fashion watch on their wrist checking the time and zoom in to the actual time.
Date: 15/05/17
This video request is outsourced to:
Hyperlink to Video:
Date Received:

The teacher reached out to me in desperation: How about holding up a water bottle with dirty water and saying "Look at the water from our river!"

Requester Name: TimS_hpc
Team: 3D
Request: A video of someone scooping up dirty water from a lake, river or dam with a glass test tube and holding it up in front of the camera. 5 to 10 seconds would be great.
Date: 5/15/17
This video request is outsourced to:
Hyperlink to Video:

Date Received:

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Next Stop: Excel!

It is possible (but, doubtful!) that you have finished up your work on the Alt Med Presentation AND your FCP Reflection (You'll hear about that shortly) AND your 20% beginning work and are ready to start on our next topic: Excel, but we are allowing others to continue to work on the presentation project, web update and other stuff, so we don't have a regular day that we can do a typical in-class introduction for both classes until Tuesday. (How's that for a run-on sentence, Mr. Conway??)
Anyway, that leads us to trying something new.

To get us started, we will be using the tutorial located here:
Excel Tutorial
which was created by the Florida Gulf Coast University. The tutorial is based on Excel 2013, but the basics that it discusses will serve us well for the version we use at school and any different version you may have at home.
Click the link below (if one is showing(depends on browser)) or keep reading for more details: