Friday, June 16, 2017

How Could This Happen?

Did you recently get a grade on the 84 point, Flat Classroom Activities Project of BELOW 45?

If so, you DID NOT do a reflective blog post as mentioned here:

Do it now - send me a link when it is posted.

AND, don't let any other final projects slip through the cracks!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

20% Time Final

The Final Presentation - TED Style

Occurred (mostly!): Thursday - June 15th!

It's my fault on the one's that didn't.

Sebastian & Jake will finish up in class.

If you have anything else I should see before finalizing a grade (products, partial products, photographs, documentation, presentations) please share them with me by 11:33am on Friday, June 16th.


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hitting the Beach!!

As previously suggested:
All assignments should be completed by Friday, June 16th @ 2:25pm. Monday, June 19th should be looked at as a last chance, emergency make-up day.

If you are making use of the last chance, emergency make-up day - it ends at 1:22PM!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

TED-Style Talks for 20% Time

The Final Presentation - TED Style

Scheduled: Thursday - June 15th!

At the end of the year, each individual/(team) will give a 4 - 6 minute presentation to students, teachers, and community members where they will show off their work. 

Individuals: 4 Minutes.

Teams of 2: 5 Minutes.
Teams of 3: 6 Minutes.

This will be carefully written, choreographed, and rehearsed to produce the best presentation they’ve ever given. These TED-style presentations will be delivered and recorded in the Media Center Theater. Here is a two minute video of highlights from another school’s presentations.  

And one of ours from last year:

The Magazine Project Series

1960 Bazaar Magazine Cover

Image by danagraves via Flickr
Headphones in Room 110!!

Magazine Cover Video Demos:
5 Minutes, 32 seconds - well spent!




Report any issues with these videos!

Exams, End of School Year & Other Stray Thoughts

FYI: In case it has not been mentioned, for Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: Ms Sargent & I ignore the school exam schedule and have regular 85 minute classes each period. (except as noted below and on the posted schedule)

Thursday: Both classes report to the Media Center @11:33am for 20% Time TED Talks. Times will be limited strictly to the times identified on the blog:

Thursday: No lunch lab - I have to prep for TED!
Friday: Lunch lab.

For Friday: As with the midterm, Ms Sargent's Exam will be administered in Room 110 & Room 139 simultaneously. She says it should take about 1 hour.  After everyone is done with the exam, we will split the remaining time: 

Split something like:

  • Period 3: 12:30pm - 1:25pm
  • Period 4:   1:27pm - 2:25pm